Wendy Anderson

Wendy S. AndersonWendy S. Anderson, owner of Freelance Paralegal Services and Managing Paralegal, has nearly 30 years of experience in the legal field, and provides a full range of paralegal services. She is highly respected in the Denver legal community, and is known for her organizational and litigation support skills. She has extensive expertise in the areas of complex civil litigation, antitrust investigations, complex high-profile criminal and civil investigations (including family law), and trial preparation, support and trial attendance.

In the last seventeen years, Ms. Anderson has assisted at trials at both the federal and state court levels. She has extensive experience in managing and supervising numerous large, document-intensive cases such as Hart-Scott-Rodino Act “Second Requests” in antitrust investigations of proposed mergers and acquisitions, including document coding and tracking. As part of her complex discovery and litigation experience, Ms. Anderson has supervised large groups of paralegals, legal secretaries, document clerks, computerized document coders, information technology support staff, computer forensic technicians, and other legal support personnel. Ms. Anderson also designs document databases to fit clients’ specific needs.

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