In order to maximize your firm’s efficiency, Freelance Paralegal Services offers a wide range of services.

Document Review/Index Preparation:

Throughout the discovery process, organization of documentation and witness knowledge is vital. Freelance Paralegal Services is able to process, organize, and review large volumes of documentation and return it to you in a workable format. The indexes Freelance Paralegal Services creates allow you to quickly search for a specific document, organize groups of documents, create timelines and stay on top of your documentation.

Litigation Support:

As a firm experienced with litigation, you recognize the need for highly experienced and professional individuals to ensure your success. Freelance Paralegal Services is able to assist your firm with expert and witness interviews, document review, research, and preparation of pleadings. Freelance Paralegal Services also has long standing relationships with companies able to assist in electronic discovery, computer forensics, document imaging, coding, etc.

Trial and Mediation Preparation and Attendance:

Allow Freelance Paralegal Services to assist your firm with drafting of motions and pleadings, preparation of trial notebooks, and consistent communication as you prepare for trial. Freelance Paralegal Services will design your timeline for your trial or mediation, to ensure you stay on time and on task. Freelance Paralegal Services will also design templates for motions and pleadings, saving you precious time. Freelance Paralegal Services is able to summarize depositions, expert reports, medical records, etc. Use the organizational skills of Freelance Paralegal Services to maintain your files and simplify your process. Ms. Anderson has “second-chaired” in over 40 trials (both civil and criminal) thereby maximizing attorney time during trial.

General Office Support:

As staffing needs change, Freelance Paralegal Services is able to support your firm with legal assistant tasks, including answering phones, making copies, and delivering documents, court filings and any and all other tasks undertaken by legal staff. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.